You can give one or more messages, a great gift to give to a person we love: a thought that is good for body and mind.
It is prepared a nice little note in which it will be indicated the name of the gift recipient that the type of massage that will be made (but can also be chosen at the time, from ‘concerned).
Additional practiced discounts for small subscriptions. To book an appointment call: 06 5812871- 339 8818866

The massage is able to put in mind-body contact. The massage activates blood and lymph circulation, improves the purification capacity and discharge of toxins through the skin, loosens the joints, more elastic muscles and tones the organs through a deep contact. Massage is also intuition, attention and ability to communicate, innate qualities in each individual applying for only manifest and express itself through a knowledge of oneself and of others in a form of nonverbal communication. This work aims to harmonize their breathing in order to change their physical condition. Simply putting our hands on the body, we get in touch with life. Massage the creative non-technical, JOINS THE MAN DIVIDED through this journey will reach an awareness of what is really the beauty, both inner body. If the approach is gentle, delicate, the body gives us access beyond the conscious.