L’Albero e la Mano,the cultural center of sciences and arts sensitive to oriental cultures , created to promote the meeting between body and mind

OUR ideology

The center opened in 1998 in Trastevere, in the heart of ancient Rome.

Alessandro Crocco, founder, begins to approach the Eastern disciplines in 1981, making a long trip in India. In Kerala, in southern India, follows an Ayurvedic massage course Keralita style. In 1985, comprehensive school two years Palombini (NamiKosci method). In 1989 he went back to Asia, this time in Thailand, where he attended a Thai massage course at the “Buntautuc of traditional hospital” in Chiang Mai. In 1990 he attended the center of Oki Do Yoga “The River” where he attended the school of Shiatsu (Masunaga method) and at the same center has the opportunity to know and follow in many meetings and seminars on Japanese master Yuji Yahiro.

He attended a course in the year 1993-1994 Wodder method of manual lymphatic drainage at the center of Negro homeopathy in Piazza Navona. At the Italian Institute of Ayurveda in 1996 he is following a course conducted by Bhaguan Dash and in 1995 the school of Aesthetics and Brunetti,

which follows the course of body massage and lymphatic drainage . In 1997, following a further Ayurvedic massage course according to the method and teaching of Govinda . It also holds the first level of Reiki in April of 1997 , in 2000 he obtained the second , and finally in October 2003 reached the third level of Reiki Master – okuden ( Shoden Usui Teate ) . In 2008 he follows the school of Pilates ” Polestar ” in Rome , where he follows the course of mat work .

In 2013, Noah Maze and Peter Goodman following a complete course of Full Immersion Anusara Yoga .

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